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  • Thu, Apr 09, 2009 - 12:56am

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    Re: The Definitive Agriculture/Permaculture Thread


Peroxide is an acid, and therefore would NOT recommend using it on acidic soils.  Like here!  That, BTW automatically excludes clay soils.

However, if you have alkaline soil…..

Permaculture 101:  do a soil test.


Don’t mean to be contrary, DTM, but while clay soil is often acidic, it can also certainly be alkaline, as it is in much of the Chicagoland area, where I live.  In our region, this is due to the underlying limestone that is our soil’s parent material (the rock from which the soil is formed).  Like you said, doing a soil test is the best guide for any soil ammendment.  Also, peroxide is a weak acid, and is unlikely to alter soil pH to a significant degree, when used in the quantities required as an insecticidal spray or seed soak.  Buffering qualities of soil generally make it fairly resistant to large, sustained changes in pH.  An occasional misting of weak H2O2 is unlikely to effect any significant change.