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  • Thu, Sep 24, 2009 - 07:19pm

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    Re: The Confusion of Glenn Beck – Can the various …

npwebb: Thank you for this, it is a powerful piece.

You raise a very important point in saying this. The “user manual” for how to run the United States of America can be thought of to be the Declaration of Independence, The Constiution, and the Bill of rights, with further explanation from the designers given in their books, letters, debates, and other writings.

As the founders most clearly indicate, there are prerequisites that our founding documents presuppose. In broad terms, the documents assume religious and moral beliefs that at least rhyme.

We have moral people left in this country, that cannot be denied. But that said, there are the outright immoral that plunder the many, then there are another collection that would plunder if they could get away with it. The group that wouldn’t even if they could seems to diminish each year, unfortunately. It’s been said that citizen imitate their government and this seems to be the case here. Maybe it’s the other way around, maybe there’s a lag, ok. But I think there is a lot of truth in saying there is a correlation between the the morality of government and the morality of the citizens.

In some ways, it is easier to evaluate the morality of the high profile leaders in government and corporations because their actions obvious to all, even if their motivations are not. We have most certainly seen a great deal of moral degradation amongst our leaders in the past century. It’s gotten to the point where I could swear that as a group of citizens we have become so accustomed to being abused and deceived that we are experiencing a form of collective Stockholm Syndrome

We are shifting to the terminal phase of the life cycle of a government or empire. As Frederic Bastiat informed us, the final stage consists of a lack of moral values amongst everyone. Here, laws don’t apply like they should, and everyone plunders everyone else. To put an end to the cancer afflicting our nation, we must first as individuals make a commitment to morals based on timeless values rather than morals based purely on profit or soley on what we can get away with. This doesn’t require a specific type of religion, but it does require specific types of behavior when confronted with specific situations.