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  • Sat, Feb 28, 2009 - 11:14pm

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    Re: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the New World Order

[quote=CB]Sam, I didn’t say "the gummint done it" and "adjust facts backward".[/quote]


Please understand that I wasn’t referring to you when I made that statement in response to Larry. It was designed to be a general comment – a jab at those who do not engage in critical thinking. It is my belief that a significant majority of folks who have found their way to (and stayed to read and/or post) are critical thinkers or they wouldn’t be here in the first place. Wink


[quote=CB]Critical thinking says that when a profferd explanation does not explain the evidence then that explanation cannot be true and must be rejected.[/quote]

Absolutely agree – that’s where critical thinking comes into play.


[quote=CB]It is terrible to think that a few zealots armed with box cutters could defeat the defenses of the most powerful nation on earth. Improbable, really.[/quote]

I’m not sure why you are so surprised. We are such a technically powerful nation that we delude ourselves into thinking every problem (and every solution) just has to be complex. What the 19 hijackers did was use our own system against us. Our refusal to conceive of, and prepare for, such a scenario is a testament to our short-sightedness and arrogance.

Look at the problems our technically powerful military is having in Iraq and Afghanistan. We drive these incredibly expensive (and technical) Humvees around over there and watch them get blown up by simple roadside bombs! The Taliban are hardly a modern, technically competent military force – yet look at how well they are able to damage our military forces using quite simple techniques.


[quote=CB]It is also improbable that standard, simple procedures designed prevent such a plot from succeeding could so utterly fail, not once, but three times in one day.[/quote]

Not correct. This country never prepared for an attack from inside the US. All our force was designed and staged to turn back an attack from outside our borders. By the time TPTB realized what was happening, it was already too late.


[quote=CB]On the other hand it is impossible for planes crashing into the WTC to have caused their complete destruction – and photographic evidence and eyewitness testimony shows that, in fact, this is not what happened. This evidence does show that planes crashed into the towers and subsequently they were destroyed by a series of explosions. In fact, this is exactly what was reported in the media on 9-11-01. I reiterate, when confronted with a truth so monstrous it is easier for most people to believe a lie.[/quote]

Since I’ve already addressed this part in other posts, I won’t repeat myself here.


[quote=CB]The building owner had possession of two enormous white elephants laced with asbestos that would have been enormously expensive to mitigate. Following their destruction he received a multi-billion dollar insurance payout and the mess was cleaned up at public expense. All health and damage claims were shifted to the public.[/quote]

No argument here.


[quote=CB]Two wars were started and legislation was enacted without substantial review that allowed access to financial and telecommunications traffic for the entire nation – in secret, without the possibility of court review. Indefinite detention of citizens in secret, without access to legal recourse was asserted merely by mentioning the suspicion of "terrorism" or threat to the state. Numerous private companies received enormous no-bid contracts to provide secret military and intelligence services.[/quote]

All this is true. In fact, here in Portland, Oregon we watched one of our own citizens (a lawyer, no less) detained by the FBI for over two weeks without being allowed to see his family or contact a lawyer. He was the one that had his finger print mistaken for one in the Spanish train bombings. He was finally released by the FBI with an apology when they realized they had screwed up royally. He sued and collected over a million dollars – funded by you and I of course!


[quote=CB]We will see these changes continue to bear fruit – beyond what has occurred over the past 8 years…[/quote]

I sympathize with your frustration but I cannot accept that there is a conspiracy around every corner. Now, if you said there was an idiot around every corner you’d find me in total agreement!  Smile