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Re: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the New World Order

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  • Sat, Feb 28, 2009 - 08:13pm

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    Re: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the New World Order

There was definitely intentional dis-information given out by the Gov’t around the Ok city bombing. A good friend of mine is on a volunteer fire department, but also happens to hold a commercial blasting license and knows all about explosives. Several months after this bombing, the FBI went around the country to "brief" fire departments and bomb squads on domestic bombing terror risks.

The way my friend Noel described it to me, they gave a presentation that said Mr. McVeigh had mixed diesel fuel with lawn fertilizer, then ignited the mix with a blasting cap or similar device. At the end of the presentation:

FBI: So that’s the risk we’re facing. And the scary part is it doesn’t take much sophistication for someone else to do this because overall it’s pretty low-tech. Any questions or comments from you volunteer firemen?

Noel: No offense, but everything you just described is the biggest bunch of nonsense I ever heard. If you guys can’t tell us the truth for security reasons, why bother briefing us at all?

FBI: Excuse me sir? What I just described is exactly what happened. Your government spent a lot of money and thousands of man hours investigating this, and the best experts in the field analyzed all the data.

Noel: Fine, but within the first 15 minutes of talking to anyone who actually knows what they are talking about, you would have learned that if McVeigh really did what you said, there would have been diesel fuel and fertilizer splattered all over the outside of the building, and not much else. The only possible way to achieve that much explosive force from a diesel/fertilizer bomb would be to pre-pressurize the van, by doing something like filling the van with propane, then pre-igniting the propane about 1.3 milliseconds before the main explosive. Given the size of the bomb, multiple detonators for both the pre-ignition and main explosive would be required, and the timing would be extremely critical to make them all work together and achieve full ignition of the explosive. To achieve that, you need purpose-built high-precision detonators and microprocessor-driven timing circuitry. There is no possible way that this happened the way you said it did, and what really happened required a whole lot more technical sophistication and understanding of explosives than you are admitting.

My friend was then escorted out of the briefing and interrogated by FBI, who interpreted his unusual knowledge of demolition as suspicious. Your tax dollars at work.