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  • Sat, Feb 28, 2009 - 07:35pm

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    Re: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the New World Order

I’ve seen many explanations for the potential for explosives (notably thermite). Explosives certainly would explain a lot of what happened, but I think the biggest hurdle to get over would be installing them. Though difficult, I don’t see this as impossible.

To the issue of people keeping a secret: Our government’s secrets in this country is compartmentalized. The result is that people only know very specific and disconnected pieces of the big picture. Even though thousands of people might work on a project, only the very few at the top will see how all the pieces are interconnected. So I say there is at least a possibility that this could still be kept a secret for the simple reason that if it were a "conspiracy" then only a very few people really needed to know the full picture.

I do find the "official" 9/11 investigative report very troubling. I don’t believe it addresses building 7 and certainly seems incomplete. I would have expected a 10 year bureaucratic investigative process, but we got no such thing.

Another question I’ve had is why did we promptly remove and destroy or secure all evidence? Why aren’t we still picking through the ruins of the towers so that we can better learn how to build better buildings? This is the biggest building disaster in history, surely our government would allow scientists to comb the wreckage, right?

And now let’s just use the "trust yourself" / gut check type approach: 9/11 allowed for the biggest expansion of (Unconstitutional) government powers that we’ve ever seen. Cheney was right, perception did lag reality (oops! is still lagging reality). It troubles, angers, and disappoints me that the people in this country, particularly the liberals, have not fought the Patriot Act more forcefully. We’ve had our Liberties given away and we paid the price with inflation to boot.

Finally, if 9/11 was a "conspiracy," it wouldn’t be the first time this has happened. Word has it that Roman emperors engaged in domestic terrorism repeatedly for the purpose of consolidating their power and pushing their agendas. Franklin Roosevelt was warned by the Aussie’s that a Japanese carrier group was going to Hawai’i 2 days before Pearl Harbor, yet he took no action. Imagine the boost in approval ratings that he got just after December 7th. Our CIA has given LSD and other drugs to civilians without their informed consent, has pursued and executed political assassinations around the globe in secret, and has been implicated in numerous corrupt arms and drug smuggling operations. My simple question is this: Are we really safe if we default to trust without being sure it has been earned?

So my "official" stance is that I’m not sure 9/11 was intentional or known before hand, but it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a lot of fault on the part of our own government. I find the official 9/11 investigation weak, to say the least and I demand something better. I hope that more civilians and indies will continue to find the truth about this event, because I know I haven’t heard the full, untarnished truth yet. I simply cannot blindly trust a government that refuses to trust me.