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Re: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the New World Order

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  • Tue, Mar 31, 2009 - 09:39am

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    Re: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the New World Order

Sam I find a lot of those sites more kooky and superficial than the things they claim to discredit…hardly qualifying as deep factual investigation.  

For example, the site claims the calls for an audit of the Fed are just bogus fear mongering since "the law calls for an annual audit."  Well, ok, the law says so, so it must be true!  If anybody thinks the Fed submits to real audits, they haven’t been paying any attention.  They get audited on irrelevant operational issues.  Their financials ARE NOT audited.  The Fed decides what will be audited.  Why would Ron Paul be pushing for new auditing legislation?  Why wouldn’t the Fed have to tell Congress what they’re doing with all the money in today’s bailouts?  

Example #2, the way they portray Alex Jones is BS…only people who haven’t listened to Jones or seen his documentaries would believe that he’s just a phantasmic nutjob. There’s no question Jones has excess anxiety and paranoia.  But those are necessary traits to do that type of work.  There is a huge difference between paranoid traits and psychotic/schizophrenic levels of paranoia.  Many presidents, CEOs, CIA agents, black ops professionals have those traits, some have a degree of pathological paranoid personality disorder…it serves them quite well. It’s never a good idea to write someone off just because of their personality traits. The facts, their actions are what matter.

If anybody thinks there’s no organization out there pushing for world govt, read Tragedy and Hope.  Or just look at this website listing the members of CFR back in 1992.  The entire Clinton administration, the big bankers, the big corporate types, big media types, bigshot academics…all members.  If anybody looks at this site and still claims this organization has no power, then perhaps that person is the kook.  WinkAlmost every Defense Secretary and Secretary of State going back to WWII was CFR. Meanwhile our elected leaders come and go every 4 years.  Nah, it doesn’t have influence.