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Re: Ted Butler on the recent takedown of gold and silver

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  • Tue, Jul 06, 2010 - 08:45am

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    Re: Ted Butler on the recent takedown of gold and silver

Yeah, I’m in a different position than most, and I thank God every day that I’m in that position.  But it could change at any time and if it does, then I’ll have my preps to fall back upon.  And my PM’s are just one “prep” of many that I’ll have that will hopefully get us through.  

But one thing I’ll say in regards to your worries of “everyone’s piling in” or “dumb money is here”……..I have many acquaintances, friends, neighbors that are worth anywhere from $5m to $1b+, and only ONE of them has bought physical PM’s.  ONE!  And guess how much he’s worth and how much he’s bought…………W/$25m……B/$100k               


Yes, many of them could be hiding their stashes, but we’ve talked and I’ve told them that I own (only because I  keep BARELY any / less than $15k at todays value / on premises) and have educated many on the value of keeping some of their worth in PM’s.  It would amaze you if you could see their confusion when I hold a Gold Eagle up to their faces….LOL….it really is hilarious!  For me, I get that twinkle in my eye, like I want to roll around in them.  They, on the other hand, stare at it like it’s a piece of plutonium.   So NO, I don’t think any of them have gone out and bought without me knowing.  

So, if over 100+ Multi Millionaires/Billionaires aren’t buying the PM’s, then who is?  I think there’s more bluster out there than people actually buying.  I’m sure there are some small purchasers taking place quite often.  I actually think people of lesser net worth are catching on faster than people of great net worth (and I mean net worth in $ form…..not heart).  The “little man” is feeling the pressure where as the elite have no clue what’s taking place.  Very similar to the French Revolution or other revolutions in which the Ruling Class were having tea and crumpets as the peasants were breaking in their doors from starvation.  

Anyway my point is:  The MSM and bloggesphere are going nuts about PM’s.  The average american, not so much.

We’ll make it through as a community here and as things progressively get worse, it’ll be nice to come here and chat.  Take care of your family as best as you can.  And if you FEEL PM’s aren’t the way to do that, then move out of them and invest in whatever you feel will keep them safe.  It’s really that simple.  

Take care yourself! 




 I NEVER PLAN to cash mine in!  



Yup , given this context, you are absolutely right, and I can think of no better use for PMs than the way that you described. Unfortunately, I’m not in your boat (or is it a yacht? lol). I’m going to need every penny of purchasing power to get my family through this depression.  While I admire you for saving for the future generations of your family, I’m more worried that there might not be any future generations of my family.

Take care buddy.