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Re: Still Don’t Believe in the NWO?

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  • Mon, Mar 22, 2010 - 10:17am

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    Re: Still Don’t Believe in the NWO?



I have to agree with rickets on the hokiness of the NWO.



Considering much of what I’ve read about just David Rockefeller alone, I’d have to respectfully disagree with you.

I’m certainly no expert on the subject, but I’d appreciate your opinion and comment (and that of others as well) on the following material (as just one example), if only half of these quotes are trustworthy.


 I’ll read it and post here what I think. Tell you what, I won’t show a snide disdain for what you believe either. 🙂 You know, like rote dismissal of stuff. Anyone can claim something’s not happening if they a.) aren’t looking or refuse to look, and b.) just deny everything and anything out of hand.   Primarily that attitude has no place here or anywhere, secondly, said attitude sets up dangerous “inside the box” cognitive traps, and thirdly and most importantly, I won’t pretend to know the information that you know. Fair enough?  

But, is it not possible that power cliques are spontaneously self-organizing? If so, then I’d think that would be significantly more dangerous than any “planned” structures as the former is nearly impossible to characterize where the latter can leave a trail of prima facie evidence that something’s amiss.