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  • Sun, Dec 13, 2009 - 01:56am

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    Re: Spot gold blows through $1,200

Previously Morpheus offered help:

Here”s some great information for you. Start with Pirates of the COMEX. The Ted Butler weekly interview (today’s in fact) is also posted.

Well, I worked my way through the first two suggested articles and it appears to me that the scam worked like this: The Banks would own most, if not all, of the PMs short positions in the market and if the spot price went up instead of the desired downward trend, then they would issue phony futures contracts to give the illusion of more supply than existed thus driving the price down to collect a big payday. 

Also, since gold is trading inverse the dollar, the FED would run interference by artificially supporting the dollar at crucial points. With the FED watching their back, they could move with impunity.

But like is usually the case, good information raises even more questions. Like when I asked before:


But this raises some questions:

1) What is your big toe’s pick to win the Super Bowl?

2)  What card am I holding in my hand?

3) How the hell did you do that?

4) Can I borrow your big toe? If not, then what next, where does gold go from here?

3) How the hell did you do that? I see how the game, or should I say the sting, is played but how did you know when and how much? Did you monitor the  two CFTC reports, the  Commitment of Traders report and Bank Participation Report? If not then back to question

4)Can I borrow your big toe? If not, then what next, where does gold go from here? Okay okay, I’ll clean the toe jam Yell(disgusting!)


But should we not be encouraged by the signs that their grip is slipping such as:

The diminishing role the FED can, and/or is willing, to play.

The apparent backwardation.

 And the role of sovereigns (India, China) acting as spoilers?


As usual, thanks in advance.