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  • Thu, Dec 31, 2009 - 11:42pm

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    Re: Speed of the economic collapse should it happen

[quote=on our own]But, secondly, while many do suffer tremendously and there were/are food shortages and a lowering of overall standard of living,  total chaos did not occur for very long.  While chaos broke out and there were riots etc,  the society as a whole established a new equilibrium “relatively” quickly.  Essential services were re-established either legally or via  a black market and neither society devolved into a Somalia style anarchy.[/quote]

I think there are very specific inherent differences between Iceland and the US, that will make the US collapse more concerning.

  1. Iceland does not have nuclear stockpiles. This is important, because it means that other countries would not see an economic collapse of Iceland as a means to go obtain said stockpiles, for themselves
  2. Iceland is far more self-sufficient than the US. Especially with geothermal power generation.
  3. Iceland is significantly smaller than the US and does not have as many major populations. Transportation for instance, if s ship landed with supplies in Reyjavik then you’d supply about 60% of the population. Whereas with the US if a ship landed in NY this would not be the same, even with supplies coming to both sea boards then there is still needed supplies in the hugely populated central states. Indeed the transportation grid of Iceland is likely significantly less than 5% of the US.
  4. Iceland has a distinctly different culture than the US.
  5. Iceland has a significantly lower population.
  6. Iceland did not have the same degrees of debt (Gross) as the US does.

All of these things are lead me to believe things will be much worse here than they were in Iceland. I also don’t think that TSHTF is a long way off, I think the tree has been notched, and sawn through, and is beginning to fall. I’d say that there’s a good chance that by the end of next year we’ll see some serious impacts.