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Re: Soros Spills the Beans: China As Leader of Financial …

  • Wed, Nov 04, 2009 - 09:55pm

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    Re: Soros Spills the Beans: China As Leader of Financial …

[quote]The most amazing thing to me, is how these people have been able to butcher and plunder civilization for as long as they have without becoming attacked and subdued[/quote]

So true.  In fact they have created a system that causes people to attack people who attack them!  I was just on a facebook discussion where I was attacked and told to leave the country for pointing out how the elite has destroyed the republic.  One idiot yelled at me for being from harvard, to which I responded “I share your antipathy toward harvard, so why do you blindly cheerlead its alumni in DC/Wall St who have taken over and are destroying your country?”  She couldn’t compute that response.  Couldn’t fit me into a “left” or “right” bucket so she would know how to respond.

I’m losing patience and hope in americans…not sure why I keep trying.  The mind-control is incredible…Orwell was so right…these folks will be led right into the endgame that has been planned.  I hope you smarter types here on are able to avoid it.