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  • Wed, Dec 08, 2010 - 10:19pm

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    Re: Socialism question


The world to me isn’t a popularity contest, though I’m sure the demons play their havoc where ever they greet you.

Oil has most definitely peaked, and the US is about smashed, no matter the nuance of goodness of any remaining juices that could be squeezed from it, amongst the pools of blood it has spilled, spreading the largess of freedom and democracy around the world over this past century.

Those wise enough, know that the north and south Korea of today are the product of a line of ideology, drawn on a map that overlays land right ownership of previous dominating empires, one of which was resolutely crushed, even though it had already surrendered, by a couple of atomic bombs. From that violently created vacuum, in turn, what Pandora’s box that was sprung was a kind of present day Iraq, only with slightly different lever’s, and different coloured flashy lights, with the ensuing Korean war as a misplacement of good-will, that has become a zone to whittle down a hard bottomed entrenchment, with the boots of opposing soldiers marching to the beat of a differing ideological rhythm, on opposing sides.

We could speculate, but one or the other wouldn’t tolerate the less than amenable aspects of non-certainties, which by all accounts has nothing to do with debate, and more to do with climbing opposite trees and sh*t slinging for all millennia. Seems terse to think that it holds a metaphor of sort to the greater picture at hand.

If Cuba is such a sebaceous boil on the shores of the America’s, why hasn’t it already fallen again, back into the warm and open arms of America? Why does it still insult with its outline on the horizon of a dying empire, and offer up a defining death rattle? How did it survive the collapse of the Russian empire in the early 90’s? I suggest it is a hardier and more virulent nation because it does not require its population to drown in oil every day of its existence, and that will surely sit in the craw of the United States long after it has fallen, as many an ex-American will float on rafts to its sanctuary, if it hasn’t been invaded for resource beforehand.

All told, what I see so far is a kind of controlled global implosion, that is beginning to gain such a pace as to cause the participants to start running for cover willy nilly, and sooner than most would account. As what was once deemed as the richest country ever to exist on this Earth slides ever disgracefully onto the lap plate of the rest of the world for its dissection, so its as yet favourable position will fall just as the Ottoman and the enclaves of the Germanic nations did; as did Japan; no differently from them, except for the height by which it falls, which is far.

As the jails of the United States empty there millions, and the pot of thin-air money dries up as a useful world currency, and the dominant power structure cracks at one supporting pillar after another, what will march into the vacuum it leaves behind is anyone’s guess. Each will wander in amongst the wreckage left behind in its wake, as every Russian statue that stands in Hungary are now only fitting places for its dogs to mark their territories upon. Laugh then in wonderment.

There are coming dark clouds forming across the globe, as all of those energy driven powers run to silence, and the revelation that we’ll again be on our own to reform back into packs, with whatever joys or horrors supplant. What will it matter in a decade, or perhaps five?

Are we still living in the illusion that our captors are going to willingly sacrifice themselves as a process of protecting us from ourselves, my friend? No. That is why you shovel the earth in your back plot, source fresh water and food for storage against famine, and stock up with any means possible to preserve and protect it until whatever finds you, finds you useful to use you to begin building again for a wiser future generation. Is this not the all-told over-all plan that establishes this forum, or are we to assume we’re ahead of the pack in establishing a well guarded garden of Eden, who’s borders are defended against villainy and treachery, while using a smiling face to establish contact with child-like trusting eyes?

Will the world speak predominantly in English within a century? Will the eastern map still block out the stars with electric light while the west sits in darkness? Speculation.

And what of the opportunity to famine that would not be disclosed by a Roosevelt or a Truman as of the American 1930’s? How about the America of the 2030’s? Could that hold good, because you are alive today with the possibility of not only living it, but witnessing it first hand. How many millions this time around?

How do I grasp this nettle? I live in a country of almost 63 million. The structure of farmers has been whittled down to a tenth of what it was in just 50 years, to an all time low of 150,000 farmers from 1.5 million, all of them setting an average of 60 years old. With but a vegetarian lifestyle all told, 34 million can be fed on its 6 million hectare of agricultural land, if only government implemented a safety net years ago. Do the maths.

Would you join a communist party to preserve your innate father to eat? Would you socialise your food store at the point of a gun, or die to protect it over valour? Maybe this is better understood on an empty stomach in the cold light of a frosty day, with two sticks of fuel for allocated heat.

When will the North Korean border be breached for the untapped natural resources within? When will Iran fall against the weight of popular demand? What certainty of Mexico city marching north or south to safety? What of the House of Saud, with its protectorate collapsed? How in which those docile weapon-less nation’s will give up their ware’s to whatever opposition to their existence, against the sons and daughters trained not to think, but to act upon unthinking order, for the blight of the certain comedy effaced to freedom and democracy? When the buttered bread falls, doesn’t it always fall butter-side down by a factor of weight?

Wherever I will be, and when and if I go hungry, I am sure I will not bite the hand that feeds me.

~ VF ~