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Re: Social breakdown and the risk of violence

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  • Sun, Jan 23, 2011 - 06:02am

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    Re: Social breakdown and the risk of violence

[quote=Dirk Campbell]

As a newcomer to this forum I haven’t been able to read through all previous threads, so maybe this subject has already been covered. One of the things I’m concerned about is the vulnerability we face of an increase in lawlessness and violence in a world where money supply is drying up and the price of goods starts to climb steeply. Has anyone put forward a sociological model of what happens when the three Es take a vertiginous tumble simultaneously?


Well Dirk, you are going to find the answer to your question.  Just keep watching.  A number of things are happening at the same time that are going to lead to a lot of trouble.  The 3 E’s are just part of it.  Let’s see, we can make a list –

1) Economy – The fed res and the fed gov are on a truly amazing spending spree.  Many States are in trouble.  Local gov’s are in trouble.  Many people are in trouble.  This will lead to a serious financial crisis.

2) Unemployment is persistently high – Unemployment of 9.x percent headline and more like 15 percent reality and quite probably higher.

3) Commodities surging – This is a big deal. Food and energy.  CM is totally right on this one.  This is important.

4) Huge class of dependency – We have developed a huge class of dependency in America.  We have moved away from the constitution and the fundamentals that made America great – we have moved from equal opportunity to equal outcome and the rise of the entitlement mentality and the birth of the America welfare state. 

5) Pollution is a problem but not nearly as big a problem as over population.  We have too many people in America and there are too many people in the world.

6) Wealth disparity – An enormous wealth disparity has development in America.  A shrinking percentage of the population is amassing the vast majority of the wealth.

7) A massive wave of illegal immigration.  Nothing good will come of this.  There are lots of bad aspects to this.

8) Markets are behaving in an unusual manner.  Just this week myself and at least 3 other people where I work were all standing in front of a TV attached to a wall at work that always has CNBC on.  We were watching while the dollar was falling, the DOW was falling, active US Treasuries were falling, oil was falling, gold was falling, basically everything was falling.  A very smart technical guy standing right next to me said “How can everything be falling at the same time ?”.  A very sharp business guy was standing there and he said “because people are fleeing risk and moving into cash today”.  Someone else said “but cash does not make any money”.  And the business type said, “it does not make any difference if you want to be in cash”.

9) …and there is a bunch of other stuff…

So, you are on the way to finding out the answer to your question first hand.  Except for the violence of the inner cities most of America behaves pretty well.  Unlike many on this site I do not believe the transition from a world economic and military super power to a second class nation will happen rapidly.  It has already started and it will take many years of decline.  We are in the midst of the decline right now.  America probably peaked in the 1950’s.  We have been declining ever since.  Our government grew corrupt and blew off the constitution and everything America was founded on and stood for.

So, at this point I suppose I would start to make a plan.  If I lived in a city I would move out to the country and get a decent sized piece of land.  If you do not have any guns I would get a large caliber pistol (maybe a 45 acp), a small to medium high powered rifle suitable for hunting (243 or 25’06), reloading equipment, and a shot gun – maybe a 12 gauge pump.  Maybe stash a month of food and water in the basement.  It is probably going to take a few more years so you probably have some time.  Fed , State, and local budgets are going to have to be cut.   The fed res and the fed gov can not continue on the current spending spree so they too must be cut.  Learn how to use the guns and the reloading equipment.

have fun, live life, and work hard.  There is not much you can do except for prepare for the trouble and vote as many tea party types as you can into government position.