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Re: Social breakdown and the risk of violence

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  • Mon, Jan 03, 2011 - 10:26pm

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    Re: Social breakdown and the risk of violence


Kind of what I was thinking.
I’ve been following this thread quietly to see if the real, underlaying issue was going to be addressed. 
Not that the concerns here aren’t valid, but they’re not striking the root of the problem – how society will breakdown, and the violence that comes with social collapse.

Some time back, interest on the Definitive Firearms Thread ( became a separate discussion on several of the critical issues in a “violent” society, and I’m borrowing heavily from SouthNarc of Shivworks ( :
1. Pre-fight indicators
2. Managing  unknown contacts
3. Practical Unarmed Combatives
4. OODA and Situational Awareness
5. Positional Dominance and in-fight weapons/access
6. Survival in conflict

FerFAL has come to a lot of similar conclusions in his blogs, and the DTT can be a good resource if you can stomach some very harsh situations. The first step in preparing yourself for this type of conflict is making the mental commitment. 

The Videos on the DTT can really help you understand some of the things that occur before, during and after a violent encounter.
We have to learn from the mistakes and successes of others, understand the implications of “reactive” versus “proactive” aggression, the concept that police may or may not even care about you and exactly how you prepare for these situations.

Hopefully, we’ll see some renewed interest, if only to be aware of the extent of the depravity out there.