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  • Fri, Mar 20, 2009 - 09:16pm

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    Re: Small Scale Growing, Tools and Community

Tabletop, you must grow your own mulch…..  there is NO other way.  In fact, after years of practicing Permaculture, it has only just dawned on me in the last 6 months that this is so.  I would go so far as to say plant your mulch species before you plant anything else.

What you plant really depends on where you live and what the climate’s like.

We use Arrowroot, Pidgeon Peas, Ice Cream Beans Trees, and loads of comfrey.  I actually have been seriously propagating comfrey as bed/path edges for the past three months.  It grows prolifically from just about any cutting of the roots, and means you only need to bend down, rip off a few leaves and drop them on the ground, a technique we call ‘chop and drop’   Comfrey, if left to grow a long time will grow tap roots 3 or 4 metres deep which bring leached minerals back to the surface….  stored in the leaves you chop’n’drop!

Bummer about the tractor…..  but like I said, how often do you get a bargain like that?  And just think, post TSHTF, you probably won’t be able to buy parts for anything…