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  • Mon, May 10, 2010 - 08:32am

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    Re: Sheeple: Signs That You Might Be Part Of The Herd…

Jag wrote:

There are serious ramifications to walking this path. Right now, its you against them, but what lies at the end of this path is you against you. Clear your mind of this garbage so that you can react appropriately to events as they unfold, otherwise your actions will bring about the circumstances that you are seeking to avoid, harm to your family. And I don’t mean they will harm your family, I mean you will harm your family.

Never mind….what’s the use anymore? I give up.

I’m ashamed to be part of this community.

Dear Jag,

Why the frustration? Changing attitudes, increasing consciousness, developing awareness is usually a slow process for the masses, but I for one have learned many good things from so many people here at CM, including you, so please don’t give up.

To me, if we increase our awareness of the NWO and their game plan – one world currency, one world government, etc, we are more prepared for the drama that has been preordained and is unfolding before us. Being more aware gives us options here in the present and in the future as well.

In the present we are buying gold and silver, protecting our assets for future purchasing power. We are doing the sustainability thing with gardens, solar, wind, in efforts to free ourselves from life in the livestock pen.

In future when we see the collapse of the USD, the Euro and the other major currencies; when we hear all the NWO controlled countries calling for a one-world currency, we can advise our fellow man that this is a game being orchestrated for our control. I mean, look at Iceland, 93% of the vote said, ‘f*$K you, bankers’. That came from group consciousness of the entrapment game being played.

It may seem that things are hopeless and we are too insignificant against such a force as the NWO, but we, the people, ultimately have all the power to bring about whatever we want. We just need to see what is really needed, verses the Edward Bernays, mind-job we have been fed for decades.