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  • Mon, May 10, 2010 - 12:06am

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    Re: Sheeple: Signs That You Might Be Part Of The Herd…

Hello LogansRun,

I totally agree it is beyond bizarre that people still don’t the see the NWO as the banking beast is operating against nation states right out in the open.  

British taxpayers ordered to bail out euro

Britain faces paying out billions of pounds under a European Union deal intended to prevent another financial crisis like the one in Greece

All 27 EU finance ministers have been summoned to Brussels on Sunday to sign up to a “European stabilisation mechanism. Britain will be unable to veto this as it will be put through under the “qualified majority voting” system.

The deal, effectively to shore up the euro, was denounced as a “stitch-up” last night after it emerged Nicolas Sarkozy, the French President and Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, had devised it behind closed doors and were attempting to push it through at a time when there is no clear government in Britain.

It was declared a “done deal” by the 16 euro zone leaders who met in the early hours of Saturday morning.  Euro-zone leaders are attempting to get round objections from countries such as Britain by invoking Article 122 of the Lisbon Treaty, intended to enable a collective response to natural disasters. This does not need unanimous agreement.

By doing so, Mr Sarkozy has ensured a speedy confrontation with a new British prime minister and other leaders of non-euro currency countries. All 27 EU finance ministers must be present, but because decision will be taken by qualified majority vote, the 16 euro zone leaders can ensure its passage.

British exposure to liabilities created by a bail-out under the scheme would amount to around 10 per cent of the total loan. If a country failed to repay, the cost to Britain would be ¤10 billion (£8.6 billion) for every ¤100 billion on which it defaulted.

The scheme will present an immediate dilemma for an incoming Conservative government. A bail-out would increase British liabilities and debt at a time when Mr Cameron would be seeking to restrain spending.

Action is being called for because Spain and Portugal are showing the same early symptoms of crisis that Greece showed three months ago. Borrowing costs for indebted euro-zone countries have soared amid signs that market fears could spread across all EU countries, including Britain.

British officials are concerned that the EU is preparing to use the sweeping Lisbon Treaty clause as the legal basis for a European bailout scheme.

Under the clause, an EU member state hit by “natural disasters or exceptional occurrences beyond its control” can receive “financial assistance” after a qualified majority vote by European leaders.

”This latest move could make British taxpayers liable for the debts of governments over which they have no democratic control – to the tune of billions of pounds,” he said.

I wonder if people in the U.K. have figured it out yet…they are losing their sovereignty as a nation and will be dictated to by foreign bankers.  Never mind that the U.K. is in terrible shape financially, the people will pay for this whether they like it or not.  Who can they complain to?  Their government no longer exercises the power to represent the interest of the people.    

Oh, btw, the U.S. too must help pay the bill for Greece and anyone else the IMF might want to “help.”

WASHINGTON—Some lawmakers and other commentators are arguing that the U.S. will be handed a big bill to rescue Greece from default because the U.S. is the International Monetary Fund’s largest shareholder.

“It is simply unfair—as a matter of principle—to force American taxpayers to use their hard-earned money to prop up failed policies in relatively wealthy nations,” wrote Rep. Todd Tiahrt, a Kansas Republican, opposing any U.S. participation in a Greek bailout.

But the U.S. participation in the €110 billion ($145 billion) loan to Greece is relatively modest compared with the huge commitment by Greece’s fellow euro-zone governments, and their taxpayers. Those 15 nations are in various stages of approving a total of $106 billion, divided according to their stake in the European Central Bank. Germany would loan $29 billion, followed by France with $22 billion.

The U.S. role comes from its obligations to the IMF, which is lending an additional $39 billion as part of the Greek package. The U.S. pays roughly in proportion to its stake in the IMF, as do other countries, if the IMF’s board votes to approve the package on Sunday, as expected.

Our social security is broke…teachers are being fired, NASA is being moth-balled and unemployment is skyrocketing – but we must pay the IMF.  Did you notice the BS “the U.S. is the International Monetary Fund’s largest shareholder.”  What a lie…just like the Federal Reserve is a government agency.

…but as all know, there is no New World Order…these are just crazy coincidences…