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Re: responses to Wealth GAP and the way through the collapse?

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  • Sun, Aug 16, 2009 - 04:37pm

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    Re: responses to Wealth GAP and the way through the collapse?

Thank you, Mike–I read the article from Tyler Durden as well as the comments…one of the greatest values of this site to me is the willingness of the members and posters here to gather info and opinions from so many different places and post them for digestion.

Next question to all–I know there are as many responses to the global and personal crises in which we find ourselves as there are people, but can we/do we formulate and list some more generic actions we can collectively take that have an impact beyond our individual actions?? A nod to the Revolution thread but I’m trying to think through options beyond violence that generate/multiply their own impact when undertaken collectively.

One excellent suggestion regarding the addressing the culpability of the banking industry was to eliminate all of our commercial banking accounts and join nonprofit credit unions.

Sager has been posting on his actions regarding rebuilding community–a truly necessary element for not only increasing survivability, but restoring quality of life. We have many diverse threads and I sometimes lose track as I follow the many many great posts and ideas and concepts…would folks follow or feel a need for a coherent "This is what we can do" kind of gestalt here?? The CC lists the what and the why and the how our situation is devolving/evolving…do we need a "Moving forward" thread or am I the only one here feeling a need to weave together how we collectively can respond to increase our impact? We have so much intellectual and analytical and emotive power here.

If we can’t bring it together, who can?

Thank you for keeping this particular thread afloat, mike!