Re: Research says climate change undeniable

  • Thu, Aug 05, 2010 - 10:47pm

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    Re: Research says climate change undeniable


Kavi wrote:

The ARE more “greenhouse gases” in the atmosphere as a direct result of burning fossil fuels.  I am sure you would agree with this quite obvious fact.  How natural systems react to this will always appear to be “natural” by default, and have happened in the past, so are measurable.

I have no doubt there are greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. It is true that there are more from the direct use of fossil fuels. To say that those gases are the direct cause of global warming is a bit far fetched for me. The normal cycles are still following their cyclical patterns. The west coast is cooler and will be for the next 10 or so years. This is a direct effect of the Pacific Oscilation changing as it normally does. The Atlantic Oscilation is warmer along the east coast and also in it’s normal cycle. There is strong evidence that overall temperatures are falling earth wide when the temperatures are being recorded away from metropolitan areas. Such recordings are taken from research facilities on the sides of buildings and such. This type of recording would tend to skew the information needed to make an educated calculation of earth wide temperatures.

My problem is the taxing of carbon gases. If you want to believe the IPCC which is a United Nations organization and say global warming is caused by man that is your prerogative. I chose to believe otherwise.

We had the coldest temperatures I have personally seen here in the Pacific Northwest this winter. I have lived here 34 years. I spent 3 weekends underneath my home fixing broken pipes. The last 3 summers have been cooler with temperatures going above 100 degrees only briefly. I have lived at my property for 6 years and every year the creek behind my home has gone for longer and longer without drying up during the summer ( it actually goes underground for several hundred feet then pops back up and flows normally, it only dries up directly behind my house). This year it has not dried up at all. These are direct, reasonable, and common sense observations. I hear this statement all the time ” this weather is so wierd. I don’t remember it ever being like this.”  To which I reply ” I do, in the 70’s it was like this” and it was like this. Most of those people have only lived in the region for a short time, or since the 80’s. That is when the Pacific Oscilation was warmer off the west coast. It stayed that way until 1998. That corresponds with the weather changes in the Pacific Northwest.

It’s easy to decieve the people in places like Los Angeles. Almost everyone has moved there since the Hoover Dam went in. You can only stick so many straws into the Colorado River before it starts drying up. If they had moved there before the siphoning off of the Colorado, they probably wouldn’t have stayed very long. So instead of accepting the fact that they have depleted their water source they accept “Global Warming”. The same goes for almost all large metropolitan areas. More and more people are living in these large cities and water conservation has never been an issue with the majority of them. The deception is simple then… when their officials tell them they must fund another water facility because they are running out of water. It’s easy for them to tell themselves that what they are being bombarded with is true… Global Warming is real they think.

Then, there are the fear mongers that tell these poor folk living along the coastal areas that their homes will be swallowed up by melting polar ice caps, or we’re all gonna die of asphixiation from cow farts. Hey now… maybe that’s how the dinosaurs disappeared…. from some freak of nature they all farted at the same time and died of asphixiation !!

I don’t buy any of this crap, and you can tell your buddies at the United Nations, the Federal Gov. and the University deans “Ericg ain’t buying it”. They have already changed their propaganda strategies by calling it “Climate Change” instead of “Global Warming”. They had to, they couldn’t explain record snow falls and record cold temperatures.