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Re: RE without batteries or the grid?

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  • Fri, May 22, 2009 - 09:53am

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    Re: RE without batteries or the grid?

Hmm my post came up with no carriage returns.

SPM "I would appreciate though no more personal attacks" I was surprised that you consider me saying "SPM, You saying "160 watts per second" ( and other subtle indications in your comments ) indicates to me that you may not "instinctively" understand energy relationships." a personal attack.

Mike is knowledge on energy is pretty good. Can’t remember in detail his background beyond his being an "energy consonant". My background is Chemical and Process Engineering, where energy and energy flows are essentially at the heart of what I do, so years of dealing in it makes it "instinctive" to me, usually 😉

As for "please provide a reliable cited source for power capable from humans" I suggested you check out the human powered flight over the English channel, as that team had to check their numbers VERY carefully. ( did not search myself as on very slow dialup at the moment darn it ) If you want to show Mike is wrong over his suggestion of 100 W for sustained human power output, you do the donkey work and post the links to any articles that support your position. After all he posted links supporting the numbers he used.

An additional problem that seems to be caused by the slow dialup is incomplete loads of a page, could only see to post #44 ( and only part of that one ) and that took 3 refreshes, so if human power issue was sorted, I cant see it at present,

Cheers Hamish

PS edited this on broardband  acess and carrige return seems to work…..