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Re: Questions to Kiwis

  • Sat, Apr 11, 2009 - 09:30pm

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    Re: Questions to Kiwis

Hes not pissed, just pragmatic.

If to many people get the idea NZ is such a good place then it wont be such a good place.

Remeber it it is a numbers game. NZs sole advantage is low population density. Head for head I suspect your average kiwi is no better than your average westerner. We just have less effect due to lower density of population.

I can understand his point of view. You dont want to many poeple getting the idea of coming over otherwise you just export the problems to NZ that are already quite evident in places such as the UK.

NZ already has various ethnic divides and potential future flashpoints if centralised govt begins to fade. (am i being a doomer?? I dont know – but from what Ive seen in the world their is a fine line between civil conduct and the other variety). Their are tensions (well their where 7 yrs ago and I suspect thay have not just disappeared) that could be used in a less resource abundant future, even in NZ to justify what is fairly common in history.

Personly I think its a tough call. I hope the Govt shuts the door sooner rather than later but that wont happen any time soon and hell if it does what does that mean for my wife and three daughters, they are born in the UK. 

Reading various articles it sounds like more kiwis are coming back home. This will increase competition for employment, property and all the other good stuff. Additional environmental, financial whatever refugees will exacerbate the situation. I like this article form theNZ Herald;

I like the part where many kiwis dont trust the safety of their wealth in the UK and are starting to repatriate it back to NZ (well thats my interpretation). It was hard for me to convince my wife that this was agood thing, glad we got in before sterling sunk. 

However this will increase preassure in NZ if it continues and competition for jobs, property will be high. I left myself because competition in NZ was high 7 years ago and It was much easier to compete in the bigger world as many other Kiwis can probaly attest. It will get awefully crowded when we all come back.

I suspect that even NZs current pop would be hard to sustain without fossil fuel inputs particulary in transport and agriculture as well as our dependence on imports of complex machinary.

Im in two minds. I dont want excess people flooding the country but then again that would me make a hippocrit as Im trying to bring over a non NZ raised family – though getting the kids NZ passports ASAP.

Funny I never dreamed this would be the case when I left 7yrs ago.  

Somtimes ignorance really is bliss. A common trait that I miss from NZ is being honest about things.