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  • Tue, Oct 26, 2010 - 04:35am

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    Re: Preaching to the Unconverted


I know this thread is about the unconverted, but I have to post about two ‘converts’ I heard tell about today, so please forgive me.

A buddy of mine (the only other guy I personally know who is preparing) was working (he’s a painter) in an upscale house recently and couldn’t help noticing some things that indicated that the owner “gets it”. Things like photovoltaic panels, vegetable gardens, water storage barrels etc. When the job finished he politely inquired, and got an earful. The lady (and her husband) has food, gold and guns stockpiled  as well as two extra full propane tanks.

One of my wife’s clients complimented us on our gardens today and jokingly asked if we were preparing for Armagedon, when my wife half-jokingly said “yes”, the lady more seriously said “We are too” which spawned a conversation about TEOTWAWKI and a humourous mock competition of “My preps are better than your preps.”

I needed that. Sometimes I feel like The Lone Ranger (except for my online community)