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Re: Preaching to the Unconverted

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  • Sat, Oct 23, 2010 - 04:58pm

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    Re: Preaching to the Unconverted

Preaching to the unconverted is really a quixotic undertaking.  I oughta know — I and 5 friends spent 6+ months busting our humps setting up a weekend appearance (lecture/workshop) by Dr. Chris himself this past April here in my hometown.  Hundreds of hours of publicity efforts and networking.  Dr. Chris and his wife Becca were GREAT at the two events.  But while attendance at the Sunday all-day workshop was good, the Saturday evening lecture crowd was really dishearteningly underwhelming (we were planning for 400+ and got perhaps half that).  And the lecture was the get-the-greater-community-fired-up event (as opposed to Sunday which was aimed more at the “I get it — now what do I do?” crowd).  

Perhaps we were naively over-optimistic about the Friday event — we saw it as really lighting a fire in our whole area (across socio-economic-age-education divides) so that there’d be a lot of moment & action going forward.  But it did not have the effect we planned on.  

This is NOT to discourage anybody from dreaming big on this subject.  We need to let our “what ifs” be large.  We also have to work with what we have.  

So I & my group took our best shot.  Good things came out of it, but on a much more personal scale.  Those of you familiar with my story from the Community Building thread know I’ve continued to push forward on many fronts and am seeing successes here and there.  Right now it seems to me that I have the largest effect on people around me simply by continuing with my preparations/changes.  Eventually, anybody with any inkling of what’s coming starts asking me questions.  We now have friends joining w/us in storing food, buying some PMs, getting various gizmos in hand (water filtration, generators, etc.).  And it seems to me that eventually these friends’ friends will start asking *them* questions.  At some point, we get a critical mass and go all hockey-stick.  <smile>  Here’s hoping it’s sooner rather than [too] late[r].

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