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  • Sat, Oct 23, 2010 - 03:58pm

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    Re: Preaching to the Unconverted

  How about sending  Everyone the Mandarin Chinese  Language course for Christmas  . And say  find me something made in  America … What Assets do we have ?   They will have no trouble figuring it out .   Is that made in China too?  I say Wonder how much oil it took to get this can of tomatoes to the store ?  Grown in Italy  canned in Indonesia  then shipped here ….  wonder what will happen if something happens to the shipping ?   Sure would hate to wait for another Columbus Wink

  No really all we are responsible for is telling them … We can not make them believe .    It will all be quite obvious  soon  enough .

  I did like Safewrite .  except I called and said if you are not going to use the fruit on your trees may I have it ?   Then I took  some  apple butter to them and said thank you … I never know how bad the economy is going to effect our family . How about yours?  How bad do you think this could all get ?      Get them thinking about the possibilities .   Just think about  how far we have gotten from what is true , honest and good .  This will give us a clue as to how bad it must get . It is not going to be pretty and some will not make it  .  

  Of course it is getting easier and easier … people are figuring it out .    Hey the young people might get it first  .  I even buy flashights and such for graduation gifts …. with a note saying a light to find your way in a dark world  .  Candles or gloves  for birthdays  ..and say” never know  could be a long cold winter .”  I just try to keep everyone thinking  .   No one has complained at all   and if people were talking bad it would get back to me .  

 I have to share one blessing . Today someone called and asked if I wanted their rabbit raising cages . They had enough very nice set up for 45 rabbits .  Heat lamps and all !   Will deliver !  Things like this I count as a gift from God  and  just say You betcha !     I know this sounds trivial in the light of what might go down  but really if we are without power the little animals will be a good thing .   I am trying to think of things I can do that can be bartered and the Govt. not be in on everything .  With little cost to set up .   Anyone here raising quail ?   Should we concentrate on raising something the Chinese and Indians  will need  or  Want ?   Or  just something that will be needed in our local area.  I live in the middle of farm country  kind of hard to think of something needed here . We have generations of passed down farms .   Mostly service related buisness .. our population is still elderly but some young  are moving back .

  Sorry got sidetracked again …. Just be sincere and honest in what you say and do . 

 As for me and my house ….