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Re: Plane Crash Suspect’s Online Diatribe

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  • Sat, Feb 20, 2010 - 10:37am

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    Re: Plane Crash Suspect’s Online Diatribe


The scariest part of this, by far, is the fact that the guy is being lauded as a “hero” by so many.

Obviously, very few will “follow in his footsteps” and commit suicide trying to make a point. But what if the next guy who hits the press is a guy who decided that instead of “walking away” from his underwater mortgage, he could teach “the establishment” a lesson by burning the house to the ground first, then walking away?

That’s obviously a really stupid thing to do that wouldn’t solve anything. But any landlord can tell you that a shocking percentage of renters who loose their tenancy becuse of their own failure to pay the rent will “get even” with the landlord by trashing the place before leaving, often punching holes in walls before they leave.

So what if that mentality spreads? Now we’re talking about something that the middle of the curve could do, get away with, and feel vindicated by. If a “movement” started where pissed off homeowners in foreclosure burnt their own homes to the ground, it could spread (pardon the pun) like wildfire and overwhelm fire departments and other emergency personnel. If the trend really caught on, it could have a drastic effect on the wealth of the nation. The current crisis is really not subtracting anything from the productive assets of the country – all the foreclosed homes are still there. The system is just redistributing financial equity to the least deserving parties. But if a million people burned their houses to the ground before walking away, the productive assets of the nation would be seriously compromised. There wouldn’t be enough money or resources to clean up the mess, and it could very easily lead to mass panic and even civil war.

The argument that burning a perfectly good house down accomplishes nothing is moot. People in the mindset Celente describes with his “when people loose everything they loose it” quote are not processing thoughts rationally, they are acting out of emotion. And there are plenty of Americans facing foreclosure who are not short on emotions toward the system. If they are walking away and loosing their credit anyway, they really have nothing else to loose by destroying the property first, so long as they get away with calling it an accident. Prosecuting them for arson with nothing more than the circumstantial evidence that they were facing foreclosure would be next to impossible.

I sure hope that I’m just being silly and posing ridculous, unrealistic scenarios. But frankly, I’m also thankful that I no longer live in the USA. I very much hope the country will come together and make it through this, but the worst is clearly yet to come and unfortunately I don’t think that the mounting disagreements between citizens and government are going to be resolved through thoughtful intellectual discourse at “town hall” meetings.

One thing the gov’t could and should do that would actually have a positive impact would be to figure out how to start actively promoting nationalism and community among citizens. During WWII there was enormous personal sacrifice by citizens, but they all came together and felt like “Hey, we’re all Americans and we’re all in this together, so let’s work together and just accept that it is what it is”. I don’t sense that sentiment much in modern day America.


Great post Erik. It pretty much highlights all the concerns and fears that I have regarding this incident. I think Joe Stack is a David v Goliath metaphor for many that feel helpless in the face of a corrupt leadership and a suffocating and tyrannical regime. 

However, I don’t think that the house burning thing would work. The government would merely change the law and assume a presumption of guilt for any home that burned down with exoneration if you can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you didn’t do it. 

That’s one of Joe’s primary complaints. This government loves to move the goalposts when you attempt to use it’s laws to get the better of it. 

But anyone that’s deluded into thinking that this kind of action is going to “slay the beast” is going to wind up under it’s tracks. 

We need to spend less time griping on the web, and more time on our feet. Change comes from action, not talk. The kind of change that our nation’s legacy was built on. Grassroots action. Change the system. Wake people up. Educate them. 

And the Three E’s are the perfect message. 

Here’s an amazing interview with Chris Hedges. He advocates “dropping out of the system” and strangling the consumer economy. From his view, it starves the corporatacracy of it’s fuel and renders it neutered. 


it would also force the building of local roots, local communities, preserve precious resources, and focus Americans towards the more pressing problems that lie ahead. And all without violence.