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  • Sat, Feb 20, 2010 - 03:30am

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    Re: Plane Crash Suspect’s Online Diatribe

Hum I wonder if my Tax Return just went up in flames……penalties & interest….they might say I never filed???..who knows??? Think they will be nice & kind to the peoples returns that may have been lost or will they get nasty letters?? Geez just one more worry LOL.

Anyone remeber the movie “Falling Down” with Michael Douglas? This man (with serious emotional problems) takes a look around his world (downtown LA) and slowly begins breaking down. How many of us can identify with the idea of the American Dream gone wrong? Being menaced by a gang? Being lied to by advertising & the establishment? ‘they lie to everybody’. Michael Douglas portrayal of a Joe Blow gone bad is mesmerizing.

Well I hope movies like this don’t come true but look at Mr. Stack. What has to concern us all is this guy was a law abiding (up until now) well educated citizen not a foreign terrorist. He snapped from an overly complex system that people are having more trouble coping with on a daily basis.