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  • Tue, May 04, 2010 - 02:56am

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    Re: PA Tax Amnesty TV Advertisement

hmmm, I just googled it, and agree that the idea of GPS everyone’s home is disturbing.  There is no logical reason for it.

I just wish they would stick to more of the facts rather than what seems like ONLY fear mongering type consperacies. I listend to a radio show on it, and had to tell my self to not turn it off. At one point. A caller calls in talking about a Naval base building housing on the base and how it can be used to group all their people working for them out in the community to get them out of the local community so that the government can use weapons on the people without hurting their workforce…….seriously? really? Chances are HIGHLY likely, that a contract, that uncle sam most likely spent millions and millions on, about 5 years ago to build this housing is finally getting built. The question should be then, what base or organization are they closing to realign there to get some use out of it.  The kicker here is that the radio hosts were in complete agreement with this guy. Heck, just before he was put on the air, the male host said something along the lines of ‘I hate to be consperitorial, but something like this could be used to watch you, and if they hate you the moment you step out of the house they can attack you, take you out, make you blind, whatever….” 

The other news articles weren’t much different. Acouple others even refered to the radio interview i am talking about above……