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  • Sun, Jun 06, 2010 - 12:50pm

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    Re: Our “Catch-22” Monetary System…There is No Way Out

It is already in circulation and is works just like our current money.   Is this really that tough of a question to answer because I thought it would be obvious?

And all the money in circulation right now is all interest bearing debt, so this money you’re talking about operates evil principles.  That money is the most destructive force man has ever invented.

You did not answer my question.   Which came first?

Debt money comes first, then interest charges, then huge interest charges, then hyperinflation.

Another non-answer answer.

How can i answer a question I don’t understand.  Please tell me where this free market is located and i’ll do my best to answer the question.

Another non-answer answer.

I’m sorry that your mind cannot understand basic simple math.  Interest charges never lower inflation, interest is the cause of the price inflation. You’re question was flawed because you asked why lowering interest rates creates inflation.  I answered it because interest at any rate causes inflation.  Simple basic math.  All we use for money is numbers, very simple numbers and nothing is complex about them.  If you have to borrow all of those numbers into exsistance, and pay interest on them, that interest is going to drive up your cost of doing business, be it 10% interest, 100% interest 1000% percent interest, 10,000% interest.  Plus you have to remember that when the principle part of the loan is repaid to the bank that money is extuiguished and removed from circulation.  Now in order to get the money to pay off the interest on your loan someone somewhere else in the economy has to borrow that too (oh boy here is the exponential growth of debt, because there is NO MONEY that is debt free, anywhere, at any time, because all money is created as a debt to someone, and all of it is owed to the banks who own and control all the money all the time).

I am already doing that by arguing against the current system.  As I stated before, we all just don’t have the same opinion on what should replace it.

You’re either going to fight for a Wealth money system or a Debt money system because no matter what kind of money you use, it’s going to fall into either one of those two catagories.  It doesn’t matter what the money is made of, or if it doesn’t consist of anything at all, just so long as that there is enough of it to work at a medium of exchange.

I think this is the best insight I have seen on this thread.

Carl is just parroting stuff from the Mises.  All this junk about the “market” is pure bull.  There is no market, there is just people who have worked very hard to design a money system that works well for them, and will do near anything to confuse, and convince the people to just sit back and let these mysterious market forces discover everything.  The banking system enjoys the benifits from being able to create all the money as a free gift to themselves, and then only loaning it into circulation.  All banks loan is a “promise to pay”.

All this “market” stuff is pure garbage.

Its obvious that the banking system has such a good fraud going that they have literally been able to get everything for free and convince the people that the banks take big losses everytime they steal all the property from the people.

If you got to create money a book keeping entry, and never loan and tangilble property, then get to forclose on an entire country, would anyone who was the “lender” start crying that they took a huge loss unless they really wanted to decive the people?

Banks can never take a loss because they never loan anything.  Bank “losses” is just another way to keep the public from wrapping their minds around the scam that is taking place around them all the time.

Wake up people.  Stop parroting the lies and start to question this junk you’ve been fed your whole life.