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Re: Opt out

  • Mon, Mar 28, 2011 - 09:01pm



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    Re: Opt out



That is a very good question …

Can it be said that we can opt out of capitalism in the present guise?

I’m enjoying the discussion, so … Smile

~ VF ~



I’d rather avoid assigning labels to whatever this system is that we live under (because most are loaded terms thta fail to capture the true essence of it), and simply say that in the system I am in, in the US, no we cannot truly opt out.  Or at least not without breaking the law. 

My extreme distaste for this current state of affairs is part of what makes me wary of TVP.  I understand the noble intentions behind it, but if it makes it even harder to “opt out” then I cannot support it.  And while this is just my opinion, I see a universal implementation of it would more likely resemble the movie ‘Brazil’ than it would resemble ‘Star Trek’. 

– Nickbert