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Re: Odds of US attacking Iran within the next 24 months?

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  • Sun, Oct 31, 2010 - 03:54pm

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    Re: Odds of US attacking Iran within the next 24 months?

G’Day Mates,

I’m in Ahwaz, Iran right now hugging O&G wells.  There is NO way the US will directly attack.  It will only be after Israel does something dumb and Iran responds.  There is also NO way that the US can invade Iran.  They’ll bomb the hell out of it and just exacerbate the problem, but the US will feel like it has to do something when the US loses an aircraft carrier (blame Israel?).  Iran can easily put up an army the size of Iraq’s whole population.  It would be WWIII and everyone who is anyone knows it.  The Iranians will do nothing to start this.  The US won’t start anything because of the consequences.  It will be the Israelis and Iran’s involvement in Palestine.  If Hezbollah moves against the PLO with the aid of Iran, then Israel will respond and no one else will like what they will do.  Israel will look after Israel and to hell what may come.  That’s the scenario as I see it.

It’s interesting to note the soldiers here in Iran. They are everybody’s brother and everybody’s son.  They are paid virtually nothing, but since every able bodied man has served in the military, They’ll be called up by the millions.  It would be a bloodbath that should be on the hands of anyone that starts it. 

Most Iranians have no time for the Arabs and the Arabs have no time for them.  They LOVE the US.  They don’t like the British because of what they have done politically in the past.  When I came here, I was hoping Obama and the NEW Iranian president would sit down have a cuppa tea.  Alas, not to be.

You’ve got to appreciate that the people in the top power, now in Iran, were at the bottom before the revolution and now there is no where for them to go if they abdicated.  They are definitely between a rock and a hard place. The people generally don’t support the their power but have NO power to change it.  There will be NO revolution here because the power base is Sepah or ‘Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution.  It will be the target of US, if aircraft carriers start sinking.  I foresee in the future Sepa having a go running the country, if they aren’t right now.

Anyhow, it’s cool to see everything around here titled “In the name of God”.  People in Iran are great. No one I know of says anything bad about the Israelis.  I think it’s the displaced Jews from Iran who are making all the noise in Israel.  All in all, the people here are great and the government is sus.  Just like the US eh?  I just hope ya’ll go green this coming  2nd Tuesday in November and recycle all the pollies in Washington…PLEASE!  You owe it to yourselves. A little reset in Washington will do a WORLD of good.  Maybe, forestall Armageddon.

The sanctions are just pushing Iran to China.  Iranians would love to buy all  Ford and GM products.  Anything from the US is held in awe.  Everyone here loves US goods.  They would buy from the US if they could, but alas it’s Chinese junk.  China can’t afford to let Iran go down the  girgiler and won’t.  So all the sanctions are doing is denying the US a big market.