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Re: Obama declares swine flu national emergency

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  • Sun, Oct 25, 2009 - 02:57pm

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    Re: Obama declares swine flu national emergency

These folks are 16 to 35 years of age.  They had some cough/sneezing/ low grade fever for about 3 days before they crashed and crashed hard.  NONE have had underlying conditions or are pregnant.  

The ID and pulm guys tell me they think that it is the cytokine storm, particularly the interleukins, which kill these people.  You can turn off the leukotrienes with drugs like Singular, but there is no known off switch for the interleukins.

DIC is a very serious condition, think of it as failure of your blood clotting system on par with kidney failure needing dialysis or respiratory failure requiring a ventilator.

What is happening is that you are forming microscopic blood clots and using up all your platelets and blood clotting proteins faster than you can make them.  So you have to treat the underling condition, if you can, and support them with massive infusions of platelets, fresh frozen plasma and cryoglobulin.  These patients are bleeding from everywhere, out the ETT, all the IV sites, venipuncture sites, urine and internally.  They look like they have Ebola.  The problem is that blood products are always in very short supply.

So if any of you guys out there are potential blood donors – please contact your local blood bank!

Anyhoo, it is been striking to see the change in how serious people are now taking this, now that it is striking here, duh.

Hope it doesn’t get much worse because the hospitals are at max capacity on a good day.


(that’s another quote, same day, same person)