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Re: Obama – a social unrest antidote?

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  • Sat, Mar 14, 2009 - 07:14am

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    Re: Obama – a social unrest antidote?

machinehead, this is a VERY delayed response but I just happened to read your reply to my question. I am not sure you will ever even read this but I think I have something to say in response. Now it may mean nothing but here is a very true story.

I have a personal connection, however remote, to the Kennedy assassination and I think it gives me some credibility to refute the conspiracy theories. I was but a small child living in Richardson Texas (a suburb of Dallas) when Kennedy was assassinated. My father was a block or two streets beyond when Kennedy was shot. but that’s not the point…here’s my connection though (actually two):

The Oswalds lived in Richardson Texas where I lived at that time. My parents were very close friends with a Russian expat who, in turn, was very good friends with the Oswalds. In fact, I believe this expat (a woman who was a very close friend of my mother) was best friends with Marina (Oswald’s wife). We lived maybe a mile away from the Oswalds and my parents had a passing relationship with Marina (though not Lee).

 The other connection: we were among the very, very few Jewish families who lived in the Dallas area then so the community was tight. Ruby was among that community so rumors will spread.

Here’s my understanding having been a percipient witness of sorts: Ruby, a nightclub owner, had some connections with the "criminal" community (back when Dallas was a cow-town, they liked to call it "Mafia" but I doubt it) so he was something of a mobster. He, like almost all the Jewish community at that time was an ardent Kennedy supporter/lover. (You have to understand the early 60’s and the Jewish connection to Kennedy and MLK.) Gossip in the community at that time NEVER implicated a conspiracy. Everyone understood why Ruby, who had exposure to guns, killing etc., in a fit of genuine emotional grief, shot Oswald.

In the meantime, my family was in a rather unique situation given the connection to Marina.  Now I don’t know that much about Lee Oswald’s actions. I know that it was a total shock to Marina and unless they kept very tight lips, she had no clue what her husband was going to do.

I had almost forgotten my personal exposure to the Kennedy assassination until I got on this website and was exposed to all the conspiracy-minded folks here. My parents, of course, were much more aware and I believe if I ask them today about the conspiracy theories that you and other espouse they would think you are well….. crazy. They are both still very much alive (in their 70’s) and of sound mind. I am going to explore this with them. But it seems to me, given our closeness to the events, I would be more suspicious than most if there were a conspiracy. After all, in communities as tight as those were in that day, some word would have been uttered.