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Re: Obama – a social unrest antidote?

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  • Tue, Feb 24, 2009 - 03:41am

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    Re: Obama – a social unrest antidote?

try this one lisa

the man who was president and ceo of diebold, the company that makes voting machines , wrote in a letter that he was personally guranteeing that george bush would win ohio in 04.

btw he was chairman of the ohio republican party.

guess which state bush needed to win in 04?

it is not too difficult to figure out but you have to hava an open mind. accidents happen to people that think accidents happen.

this country was hijacked a long time ago. no one i mean no one gets to run for president unless they are approved to run by the cfr, tri lateral commish etc.

ask yourself why only two people get to debate in front of the american people. is it because anyone can become president.

why did obama receive 4x the money that mcain did from wall street?

how do they pull the strings exactly? just follow the money my dear just follow the money. who controls the media?

have you checked on your congressman and senators where they get their money from ?

i will guarantee they get a lions share fron the financial institutions.

it has been estimated that the rothschild family controls 500 trillion dollars. i believe that is way too high but they control more than anyone else and that gives them unliimited power.

i have written on this site before. i saw the plans for the world trade center in the mid sixties my father in law was deputy comptroller of the new york port authority. there is no way a plane would cause the collapse of one of those building let alone both.

building number seven collapsed and did not get hit by a plane. in the entire history of steel and concrete construction no building ever fell down because of a fire. but on one day three of them did. why didnt the pentagon collapse as well?

in arkansas we have what we call an arkancide. it first happened when clinton was governor. an arkacide is when a body is found floating face down in a pond with 5 bullets to the back of the head. the gun is found in a dumpster in the next county. it is then ruled death by drowning………..accidental

if you dont start paying attention we are doomed. and that is not a conspiracy theory