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Re: North Korea renounces 1953 truce

  • Sat, May 30, 2009 - 08:45pm

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    Re: North Korea renounces 1953 truce

Did miss the statistics posted by Pat or the personal experiences recounted by DIAP?

There is fact swirling around here, but when we turn to beliefs and opinions, it’s important to take note that the "blame" you place on empires through the ages has been cumulative, with each new power amalgamating both good and bad characteristics of the previous schools of thought.

With regards to Islam and Arabia (which is more specifically the issue), I see that they’ve contributed nothing but violence since they invented the Arabic Numeral… some… 2500 years ago? Might not be worth while blaming them for anything. As soon as the oil runs dry, they’ll be back to their proper place – killing one another for no apparent reason other than because it’s written in their holiest of books that "my religion can beat up your religion". Funny how much that sounds like the Nazi regime before them.

History repeating itself? Nahhhh.