Re: North Korea renounces 1953 truce

  • Sat, May 30, 2009 - 02:39am

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    Re: North Korea renounces 1953 truce

[quote=Aaron Moyer]

You mentioned the START 3 Accord; which was a joint effort between the US and Russia to dismantle nukes. Last I heard, they had started discussion on a START 5, but this may have fizzled – I really haven’t followed it. That said, I do think it’s a particularly good idea, but it still begs the question: "What do we do with the waste?"


Aaron –

START III never got off the ground following the Russian initiatives offered up at the Helsinki Accord in 1997.  Primakov-Albright I believe.  Anyway, START III EIF – Entry Into Force was supposed to take place 31DEC07 but was contingent upon the Russian Duma ratifying START II.  They refused to do so because the US withdrew from the ABM Treaty.  Russia finally ratified START II in 2000, but did so with their contingency that the ABM Treaty be preserved.  The US didn’t want any part of that so the Russian ratification was purely symbolic.  They abrogated in June of 2002.

So in short, START II never really happened, START III never happened and that was the end of the START initiatives.  Both sides did significant drawdowns of their stockpiles anyway so we sort of got there.

Bush and Putin did draw up the framework for SORT following their 2001meeting and SORT was signed in May of 2002.  SORT was a broad cut in operationally deployed warheads, not the total stockpile, so again it was largely a symbolic gesture as the operatoinal warhead inventory could be reconstituted out of the stockpile.  2012 is EIF I believe.

I was on a team of analysts at STRATCOM that did the technical assessment of the numbers proposed in Helsinki by Primakov-Albright – nice to see our efforts paid off and we actually made some substantive cuts in the operational stockpile, albeit 5 years later than we had planned.

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