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    re: No restriction on "adds"

Yes, I agree local groups don’t need to be private, however it would be really nice for any member of a group to able to do a message/invitation to all the other members of the group at once, and just to the group.

Also, if we want to be able to do that sort of messaging through PP, which I would prefer, we will also need to help people get themselves set up to monitor messages from PP in a way that works for them. The best I’ve seen allows me to select to receive real-time, daily or weekly digests.  It also lets the sender override that and do an immediate for time sensitive materials (e.g. I forgot to send the reminder for a local meeting that’s in 4 days; I’d want to be able to override the weekly delay.)

Adam, what kind of capabilities do we have here?

Guys, any other thoughts or suggestions?