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  • Mon, Jan 04, 2010 - 01:56am

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    Re: New, Looking for advice on where to start?

Hey Ken,

Practical advice…

Firstly make sure that you at minimum meet FEMA standards of preparedness, have 3 days of food water and fuel available to you. This will do two things, firstly it gives you a buffer of three days if everything goes to hell in a handbasket before you’ve figured everything else out. Secondly you need to bring your family in to understanding about preparedness, they may not be completely onboard to begin with, or possibly ever.

Now that will help you in two ways, firstly I suspect you’re all hyper and feel you need to do something, well getting that together, organizing it and storing it away (even if you altready have more than 3 days), will ease that “I need to do something NOW, feeling, and you’ll also feel that little bit more prepared, which will also relieve some stress.

After that, then develop an action plan, using some of the resources here, or suggested. Make sure your family is in on it and understands your concerns, they don’t necessarily have to agree with them to a point, but don’t wind up heading to divorce court just yet, because at the end of the day you do have a degree of moral high ground, since your concern is for your families well-being, no matter how “paranoid” your nearest and dearest thinks you might be.  Weigh you’re overall risks as you see them, you don’t need to prepare for every possibility, but try to make sure you have your bases covered as best you can so that you can sleep comforably.

And welcome to Chris