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"Greg, you gotta stop hanging out at those right wing blogs.  There information is almost inherently unreliable."

Trying to spoil all my fun, huh?


Phil Berg is a Democrat, would that be considered "right wing"?


Certification of Live Birth Analysis

By Ron Polarik, PhD


It would take some nads to try to pull something like this off, I’ll just wait and see.





While I must admit that the information you provided above is impressive, I still stand by my statements in my post #151 – to wit:

After all, if the Clinton’s had even the slightest notion that they
could derail him as not being a legitimate citizen, don’t you think
they would have jumped on that in a NY heartbeat? And you know the
McCain crowd would have been all over it. With the resources of the
Clinton’s and the Republicans unable to disprove Obama’s citizenship, I
cannot believe anyone else who claims otherwise.

If the Clinton folks (who are highly skilled infighters in the political arena) couldn’t disprove it and the Republicans (who would have definitely made it an issue) couldn’t disprove it, how can we put any faith in others who claim he is not a citizen? Sorry, but I just can’t reconcile that disconnect.