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Re: Meet Mrs. Morpheus (a.k.a. Trinity)

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  • Thu, Jul 08, 2010 - 12:41am

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    Re: Meet Mrs. Morpheus (a.k.a. Trinity)

[quote=Jim Hannah]

Welcome Trinity.. thanks for posting and letting us get to know you a bit.  My eight year old son and I just watched the Matrix a few evenings ago…. it’s as fresh as ever.    


You figured out that we’re both big Matrix fans? What gave that away? 

On an unrelated note. 

Open question to Chris M. Is it possible to set up a social networking portion of the site where like-minded couples and families could have a central place to learn about the location of other like-minded families? I think personal contact, befriending, and real social interaction among members that are local to each other would be a tremendous benefit.  Also a place for single folks to interact. Chris, I am sure that you of all people can testify to the importance and synergy of having a wife that not only sees eye to eye with your concerns and actions, but is an active partner.