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  • Mon, Sep 13, 2010 - 04:36pm

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    Re: localized farming

 Any luck on reaching any people this week  ?      Our s/s class went  straight to the fact that the Americas are not mentioned in the end times .  And to  the  verses that Israel will find hidden treasures . Well if natural gas and oil are considered hidden treasure ( I would think so )  this last week has been a boom for them .   We can be watching them more closely .

 But back to what can we do here (USA ) ?   It was mentioned that we see things out of our control  but must vote and and try to change things but to advance our preps by getting more emergency prepared and ready in our mindsand hearts  that this could be for a very long time .

 Empires come and go . People live through slavery ,serfdom , what ever we are calling the fact.

  I had a man come up to me at the soccer game yesterday and ask if i thought it would be best for him to finish out his military career ( six years  ) .  It has been very  hard on his family .  His orchard goes to pot each time he has to go overseas and he is not sure we will be getting our retirement checks .What a dilemma  everyone is it . These young people do not know which way to go .   We do not know which way to go !    

   I know we are the simple people back here .  Not many  have extra  $$ to worry about where to invest .   I do not know who all reads these posts because many many do not share their thoughts   but if  pure numbers it is to reach the lower class is growing by the moment . 

  We pick up more and more hitchhiking on the road , I picked up one gal , come to find out my brother had picked her up later and took her further down the road . ( my daughter call us bleeding hearts )  There are more hitching on the rail .  Winter is coming and my husband is not looking forward to finding them frozen on the train . 

  Some locals in our area have put produce on a table on  the street and a coffee can for donations .  How wonderful is this!

  Please people do not give up on your preps and be there when the topics comes up .  I  don’t think we have to be pushy , nor should we be calling people stupid who just could not see and had too much trust in the ones they voted for to do what is best for all . We were all blind at one point .