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Re: Leaked CIA Report: “Public Apathy Enables Leaders To …

  • Sat, Mar 27, 2010 - 07:56pm

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    Re: Leaked CIA Report: “Public Apathy Enables Leaders To …

Hi Larry,

Firstly, thankyou for the thoughtful links, I’m just reading Niall Ferguson’s ‘Empire – How Britain Made The Modern World’, plus a series of other referenceables and “halfway-through-must-finish”. More is never enough!!! 

These are some of the thoughts that have been free flowing in my mind over the last couple of weeks of writing at that I wanted to share with you …

‘Fahrenheit 451’ is a metaphor; a levelled finger pointing at the present, or of the future. An accusation that merrits fiction over fact through the promotive substance of war media and the disinformation that is spread as trusted information like wild fire across the United States, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

As a callous example to disinformation, there are, in the United States at this time, a large proportion of the population that fear the substance of this book as the work of the devil: –

On Origin Of The Species – by Charles Darwin

Four generations since the Scopes trial of 1925 who are brainwashed by an obsure and damning apraisal of the book by organisations in America that pay no tax to support the dilusion’s they create whatsover.

Should we give praise to William Jennings Bryan for the force fed delusion, or the perpetuation of it by the present Republican elected creationist Don McLeroy that, from Texas, has been a central figure in organising much of the reading material in 48 of the 50 states of all US public school’s for the next 10 years; an education violation upon 4.7 million American children?

Are the spoutings of the actor Peter Finch in the film ‘Network’ from 1976 that was used as a clip in a certain set of film’s going viral around the world true, when he said that “less than 3% of Americans read books” and “less than 15% of Americans read newspapers”. Could we really be “in a lot of trouble!!”

For me, I think the move away from books is a truth, yes. The medium today that replaces them as propoganda now sits in the corner of every American livingroom. It is the alter by which there is no defense from when simply acting on the benine task of switching the damn thing on.

David Frost once said of television, “… it is a medium by which you invite people into your homes that you don’t even like”, and has become part of the culture; become a tool of manipulation that is hidden in plain sight.

Now to the internet and the bloggosphere – how much longer before the information within it is piled so high with opposing disinformation that we don’t have a clear view of which direction is up. Does it feel almost that it has already begun?

Ask yourselves, all of you now, do you know your neighbour 5 doors down? 10 doors down? What happened to conversation with a stranger within just one generation; does he fear you, and do you him?

Why are we communicating with each other in virtual communities and not local communities? I’m writing from 5000 miles away from the nearest shore of the United States. DamnTheMatrix nearer 8000?

Our communities have been stulified, seperated, typecast through rich and poor and black and white; through racial tension, religious tension and political tension to decimate the glue that could hold community together. Media has smashed millions of people into seperate smaller groups that are hopelessly outnumbered and unable to effect change without agreement.

Just look at what they make you do …

~ VF ~