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  • Sat, Nov 20, 2010 - 07:24pm

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    Re: Is medical school worth it?

Seems to me that even if one is unable to finish 6+ years of school/residency/etc. — say a total collapse happens in 4 years — one will have whatever skills one has if/when SHTF before final certification as an official doc/dentist/vet.  Would my community turn away somebody that wanted to join because they only had X% of their med school completed?  Negative!  My wife & I have a friend that is a nurse and I keep telling her that if SHTF to come find us immediately — we’ll take her skills and figure out all the rest (food/shelter/etc.) for her as we go.  And if I had unlimited fundage I’d be building a community clinic or small hospital or emergency medical services center and attempting to recruit a CC-aware G.P. as of yesterday.

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