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Re: Is medical school worth it?

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  • Sat, Nov 20, 2010 - 01:58am

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    Re: Is medical school worth it?

I would not spend my time in learning medicine where the whole medical science theories are based on frauds up to now. You learn to kill people instead of healing them thoug you will get told different. You learn that to heal is impossible, though medical industrial sector outdraws any alternate truthfinding science that proofs the opposite! In the US its evne hard to find any alternate medical practitioneers, industry is outdrawing them with the help of your government, to make the pharma even richer. Sure everything is intended for all your best.

This hughe medical fraud will be revealed to mainstream when we overcome our monetary system! The medical industrial sector has killed more people than holocaust, and they make us believe that we need them through the means of scaremongering!

I know people wont beliefe this, and even if i present them facts they even more rely on their beliefs. I dont want to go into depth here cause it doesnt really belong here, but if you are interested you should search for Dr. Stefan Lanka, and research the matter on your own.

And this is pretty important, to gain awareness of that, cause its about your health!

PS: People like to criticize Lanka on the basis of belief, they criticize well he has another believe than we do. But in fact he ask for scientifical proofs where there have never been presented any. And by doing this he exploits the fraud….anyway big story!

Hope you choose the right option, wish you all the best!