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  • Mon, Jan 03, 2011 - 12:18am

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    Re: Intiduction Post – Hello

Dogs_in_a_Pile:  I made a post on the forum category for website suggestions regarding separating and identifying areas of interest.  I think there needs to be an place for new comers especially, so they don’t wear out the seasoned veterans of the site with repetitive topic interests, nor get discouraged themselves.

Were I the designer of the forum section, it wouldn’t be structured so linearly.  My mind works best looking at a physical range of subject material from the joyful solutions to the concerning information.  This topic variety would also be well served ranging from urban to country. 

Personally, I am directing my most energized, forward focus on the joyful solutions, while keeping an eye on the indicators of the dark side only in the my rear view mirror of my mind.  When I find myself digging through the forum discussions in a chronological order, I have to unearth many pieces of knowledge that seem so removed from the path I am on.  That said, there is value for me to read the concerns of people living in a cold city somewhere.  One thing I know, is I am not afraid of my neighbors!  I feel empathy for people who have to live in such an environment of distrust.  Generosity is the key.  I try and grow for as many people as I can and to help others to do the same.  I would far rather give everything away than to shoot my neighbors, even from the other side of the island.  When we have crises here, like a devastating hurricane; people are overwhelmingly kind.  In the 9/11 event, it was evident how the best side of New Yorkers really bubbled to the surface.  The people on the streets of New York, made me proud to be an American.  If they can be caring in a crisis, so can the rest of us.  I feel optimistic, and it surprises me to read how many forum members don’t feel that way.  So… an emotional range is probably at least as important as a skill/knowledge separation.  We can help the anxious, calm their fears and plan strategically in one area of the forum, in another area, let people get excited about all the positive ways we can make a difference, and allow another area for strategic financial and world awareness focus.  It takes all of us to build a better tomorrow, whether in a computer forum or across the planet.

Happy New Year to everyone!