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  • Sat, Mar 20, 2010 - 08:59am

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    Re: I just got stopped by a cop….

Wow, what a thread. I’m a bit taken aback by how much emotion has been stirred up in the conversation.

FWIW, moving out of the country had a huge impact on my peace of mind. I wouldn’t categorize the before picture as pessimism and gloom/doom as rickets described; more like anger that my fellow citizens were allowing the government to devolve to the point it has. I’m definitely happier now. I think it a real pity what’s happening in America, but I do agree with rickets in the sense that I was allowing what was going on to really get me down and piss me off. I moved on and am much happier.

LR, years ago I would have agreed strongly with you. BTW, there was a time (pre-1980s) when most states would have never allowed this stop. The cops needed probable cause to stop you, period. If your car or physical description matched that of a dangerous criminal they were searching for, that was certainly grounds to stop you. But blanket “everyone gets stopped” roadblocks were upheld as illegal by many courts. The courts also upheld that random drunk driving roadblocks were illegal in most states, but that changed mid-80s. Amazing how something is unconstitutional one year then constitutional the next year, even though the constitution never changed.

I’m not saying this stop was legit – it wasn’t. But in this day and age of Americans being targeted by their own government for assasination based on suspicion of terrorism with no habeus corpus, no due process, etc… What I’m saying is that your country has devolved to the point of (literally) extrajudicial executions of citizens at the sole discretion of the State Dept, with no due process. In that environment, to get all riled up over being stopped without probable cause for an ID check is IMHO akin to complaining about a J-Walker during a full-on riot. The disregard for citizens’ civil rights has become so eggegious that it’s hard for me to get too hung up on the little stuff.