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  • Sun, Jan 02, 2011 - 04:53pm

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    Re: Homoaners

My mother has a place in Ashe County NC (the most northwest county in the state) and it is very nice there.  Super cheap to live there.  Very low crime rate.  Everybody you meet is nice — nobody stands around glaring at you on corners like they do in many places around NJ.  I have not been there in six months or so but you can be driving by some mom and pop resturant and see on the sign “Breakfast $1.99” and it is true.  As long as you stay out of the “rich areas”, real estate is cheap, super cheap by NJ standards.  Taxes are peanuts.  It is a really nice place.  But, there is not much work there and “rich people” are moving in from out of state.  You see a lot of auto tags from NY, NY, and FL.  This influx of rich people is a problem for the local people but it is bringing money in to the area.  Great place to retire if you don’t mind the winters.  It is mostly high elevation so even though you are pretty far south the winters are sort of tough.  A lot of people heat with wood.  You see huge piles of fire wood behind people’s houses.  A lot of good  food is available for dirty cheap.  We we go down there to visit my mother and we are always amazed at how cheap it is there.  If you have a way to generate money or bring the money with you, it is a great place to live.

I am always surprised when I travel through NJ cities like Camden, Trenton (the capital), and Newark.  These are truely terrible places to live.  They are hell holes of poverty, crime, and violence when compared to Ashe County NC.  We did this.  We made Camden, Trenton, Newark, and many other places in America the hell holes they are through decades of massive transfer payment programs at the Federal and State level.  Camden has an interesting history.  It used to be a good place.  Cambell’s soup and a number of other major corporations were either based there or had large facilities there.  They left and the city failed.  They left for a reason(s).,_New_Jersey

The state of NJ has been  paying many millions of dollars to subsidize Camden for years.  One of the things I find amazing is it costs the state 17,000 per student there.  In Newark it is about 20,000 per year per student.  How is this possible ?  It is badly broken.  This is many times what it costs to educate kids in other states.  We have this thing call Abbott Districts.  These are funded to outrageous levels by stealing the money from  the people of the rest of the state.

The Abbott funding for NJ schools has resulted in the highest property taxes in the nation and is a total complete failure.  This once again proves that stealing money from hard working people and transferring it to others does not work.  It never works.  The same thing happened in Kansas City and was also a total failure.

So, when looking at places to live be sure to stay away from cities, especially cities with high percentages of so called minority populations which are controlled by “liberals”.  This is a sure fire recipe for financial disaster, high taxes, crime, and violence.

We are rotting from the inside out.  We are our own worst enemy.