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Re: Hoarding – negative connotations

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  • Sun, May 24, 2009 - 07:42pm

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    Re: Hoarding – negative connotations

Hi Plickety,

I am glad that you and Gungnir (I got the correct, right?) will be out of that neighborhood in a few months, especially since many of your younger neighbors view you as weird. Sounds like one of those movie scenarios where the prudent ones (you) get blamed for all the ills by the ill-prepared ones, so – the sooner you are out of there, the better.. Of course, I could be paranoid!  🙂

We talk about our prep work with friends and so on, but only after we have gauged how they think about these things. We have so far (to my knowledge) avoided attracting attention of the kinds you mentioned although we are also taking and have taken similar steps…

Wishing you the best.