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  • Tue, Jul 14, 2009 - 07:32pm

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    Re: Hey buddy, can you spare an erg?


If you can transcend your attachment to life thereby eliminating your fear of death, you begin to look at things differently. 


I will not deny you that a complete lack of fear will change your decision making process, if one is truly able to achieve this. I have never met anyone capable of this.

That said, no matter what your views on life are, you cannot stop the advance of what is to come. Even if I was to honestly rid myself of any fear of death (and I can assure you this is not something I dwell on as it is) I would still be remiss in not preparing for the sake of those in my family and those that come after me. To put it bluntly, you can be unafraid of a firing squad, but the end result is the same should you stand in front of one whether you fear them or not. Some things transcend fear and mental state, no?

I’m pleased that you have achieved a higher state than most if us, I am saddened that you use this as the reason you do not need to prepare as you care not what happens to you. Ultimately, I still see this as bargaining, but I may be wrong, as my wife will tell you I often am. I’m not giving you her number, as that might tend to incriminate me!


Larry, too funny.