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Re: Hell no, I won’t go.

  • Sun, Mar 21, 2010 - 03:51am

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    Re: Hell no, I won’t go.



…I feel badly that I put you in a position where you feel you have to defend your actions.


No worries, AO, I didn’t take it that way and didn’t feel I had to defend anything. Thanks for your thoughtful words just the same, though.


Yes, I understand that for most people, up and leaving the country isn’t realistic or even desirable. Although it was the best choice for me personally, that really wan’t my point.

The big thing I learned about myself is that (again, speaking for myself) I was getting angry, bitter and resentful about what was happening to my country. It was bringing me down, making me an unhappy guy, and screwing up my ability to enjoy life.

When I accepted what I could not change for what it was, I was able to relax and be happy again. Even CM noticed immediately when I saw him recently that I was happier and had let go of anger that he had perceived in me previously, but that I wasn’t even aware I was harboring.

I’m not trying to say everyone should up and leave the country as I did. All I’m saying is that if you cannot accept what is happening, go out and change it. If you cannot change it, accept it for what it is. But sitting around being angry, bitter, and unhappy because of things you can do nothing about doesn’t make sense. Again, I’m not accusing anyone else of holding those feelings. That was my reality, and I didn’t even recognize it for what it was at the time. Now that I have accepted that the vast majority of the citizens of the United States don’t care about preserving the values that America was all about, I’ve stopped letting myself feel angry and unhappy about it.