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  • Sun, Jul 04, 2010 - 05:09pm

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    Re: Gulf Oil Spill Reaches Land

Oil taints food chain in Gulf of Mexico

Scientists at the Gulf Coast Research Lab have discovered tiny droplets of oil inside the larvae of blue crabs. That could spell disaster for fisheries in the gulf waters and in South Mississippi marshes and bayous.


While one marine researcher is studying droplets of oil found in tiny crab larvae, another scientist is looking at the possible oil impact of a much larger marine animal.

And the comments to this story are quite depressing:


Lets be real folks. The Gulf Water’s is gone for our lifetimes. We will not be able to sell our homes because who wants to move to an OIL POND full of dead sea creatures? So we will sit here with no more shrimp, crabs, oysters or any other Sea Food. And with no one wanting to visit our “Disaster Area” what do you think the Casino’s are going to do. Say good by to them. All the Sea food resturants even the old ones will eventually close up. We will essentially end up a “Gost Coast” with Cities all up and down the destroyed beech closing because of the lack of revenue of tourist in which we survived on annually. I am not a Sinic but a Realist. Get real WLOX and tell it like it is. Haley Barbour, I voted for you twice and now I am ashamed of you promoting even more Oil Drilling in our now destroyed Gulf Coast.

This entire oil spill is too depressing. I lost my house and right leg due to Katrina. Then my wife of 28 years gets too depressed about the after effects of Katrina and commits suicide, I struggle to keep up then this HUGE OIL POND developes off the Miss. shoreline. It is making me physicaly ill from the fumes, so I will have to try to move somewhere else, if I can find a sucker to buy my house. Who wants to live here anymore. The Miss. Gulf Coast is cursed I feel and I believe the Casino’s and the crime it has brought to the Coast has caused God to punnish the money greedy City officials. Now just wait till all the Casio’s all close down do to people not wanting to visit an OIL POND with it’s fumes.

As sad as this story is 
Its not a surprise at all. Since we have no clue how much actual oil is in the gulf and its still pouring in at extreme volumes why would it not enter the food chain. Its silly to think other wise; I do not have a PHd or anything but common since when it comes to marine animals since gowning up on a shrimp boat in the 70’s; and this comes from labs. You can look at the water and see the dead animals all over and the lack of crab fry and this would tell me we are in a serious world of hurt the next few decades.